About Us

Social Justice Requires Public Policy.

We envision a Texas where people of all backgrounds can fulfill their potential and contribute to our community.

Unfortunately, too many Texans can’t access the conditions they need to thrive — good health care, education, and jobs.

One of the most effective ways to make sure every Texan has access to these conditions is to strengthen public policy. And that’s where we focus our work: We strengthen public policy to expand opportunity and equity for every Texan.

New Name, Same Mission

Social justice requires public policy. This has been our driving belief for 35 years.

The Center for Public Policy Priorities is excited to announce our new name and brand. Our new name is Every Texan. We believe this name better reflects who we are and our social justice vision for Texas.

Our new name, Every Texan, focuses on our state’s greatest resource — our people. 

Our Values


We believe in the power of community and a responsibility to care for one another.


Our day-to-day work is grounded in a unified, long-term vision for Texas.


We pursue fair policies that lead to more equitable outcomes.


We foster a culture of learning, evaluation, and knowledge sharing.


We work steadily with passion, conviction, and perseverance. We are unshakable.


We tell the unvarnished truth based on well-researched facts and unbiased data.

benedictine sisters

Our History

The Benedictine Sisters of Boerne, Texas founded Every Texan over 35 years ago with deep roots in social justice. Now an independent policy research and advocacy organization, Every Texan is still tied to those social justice values, and we bring their spirit to our work every day. We are committed to an exciting, demographically changing state with expanded opportunities for every Texan.

Our Team

Our team consists of accomplished experts and rising stars with unique, deep expertise and knowledge of Texas public policy and advocacy. Every Texan’s important work is made possible by the leadership of our board of directors, who volunteer their time to make this the best state for every Texan. We are proud that our staff, board, and policy priorities reflect the diversity of our state.

every texan staff

Our Union

Every Texan and its staff union, Every Texan United, proudly announce the ratification of their first union contract! Every Texan and the bargaining unit began the 15-month negotiation process in June 2020 after voluntarily recognizing the staff union in February. In September 2021, union members elected their leadership, including: Amanda Posson (President), Cecilia Weber and Katie Martin Lightfoot (Stewards), and Dany Guerrero (Member Engagement Representative). 

As a values-driven, equity-committed organization, Every Texan is committed to collaborative and inclusive leadership practices. In Texas, less than 5% of all workers are unionized, largely due to legislation that favors employers and limits union activity. These anti-union and anti-worker policies are precisely what the Every Texan team fights to repeal or fix. 

How We Work

Every Texan offers knowledge, solutions, and tools to help you more easily and thoroughly understand, discuss, and make decisions about public policy.

Conduct Public Policy Research
We conduct research and build data tools on barriers to opportunity for Texas families.
Analyze and Develop Public Policy
We analyze policy and develop recommendations based on sound data.
Educate Policymakers and Stakeholders
We educate local and state policymakers, the media, and others on current conditions for Texans and how to improve them.
Build Momentum with Partners
We work with partners to build momentum for change.
Advocate for Common-Sense Policies
We advocate for common-sense policy solutions at the federal, state and local levels.

Key Achievements

We Love Texas

We’re Texans, and we take great pride in that.

Texas boasts a rich, unique mix of resources and an equally unique ecosystem. Our population is growing and diversifying all the time. We have one of the largest economies of any state in the country, and our industries are thriving.

We have everything we need to be the very best state to live in. Almost.

Many of the people that make Texas so incredible can’t fully contribute to the prosperity of our state. They experience unfairly limited access to the conditions that enable Texans to thrive.

That inequity is unfair to all of us. And until we resolve it, Texas cannot be #1 in our nation.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity

Texas will achieve Every Texan’s vision of racial equity when an individual or group’s race or ethnicity no longer predict their well-being, opportunities, and outcomes.

Here’s Where You Come In:

In Your Community

When working with Every Texan, you are empowered to gain the respect of policy changers, strategically influence their decisions, and ultimately strengthen public policy.

At the Texas Legislature

Our bold, research-driven legislative priorities dare Texas leaders to make Texas the best state for hard-working people and their families.