Policy Areas

我们关注的政策将使所有背景的德州人都能繁荣, 以及遭遇不公平机会障碍的人群.

Today, 我们优先考虑将显著改善beat365网址公平性和获得beat365网址机会的政策, food security, education, and financial security.

We expose unfair barriers faced by people of color, low-income Texans, immigrants, women, children, and other disenfranchised populations. 我们与社区领导人共同努力,推动公平的政策解决方案.

As people and conditions change and evolve, 我们调整了工作重点,以支持我们对德州的愿景.

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Toward an Equitable Economic Recovery for Every Texan

New Equitable Recovery Report

在德克萨斯州,机会对每个人来说都是不一样的——尽管我们州很富裕. 德克萨斯人正在努力工作以支持他们的家庭,为我们的州做出贡献, but millions lack access to affordable health care, healthy food, a quality education, and good jobs. 偏向利润而非人的政策造成了这些系统性的差距, 当COVID-19大流行来袭时,德克萨斯人更容易受到伤害. 

We’re proud to share our new report, Toward an Equitable Economic Recovery for Every Texan.

Every Texan Thrives
Policy Roadmap

For a just and equitable Texas

COVID-19 Solutions

To save lives and livelihoods during the pandemic

health care

Health Care

让每个德克萨斯人都能获得高质量、负担得起的医疗保健是我们使命的核心. 我们致力于保护和改善高质量的公共和私人保险, mental health care, and basic health needs for Texans of all backgrounds.

food security

Food Security

德克萨斯州是美国最饥饿的州之一,但公共政策可以帮助改变这一状况. 我们致力于实现每个德克萨斯人的粮食安全.



德州家庭面临的最大挑战之一是学生缺乏就业和大学准备. To increase post-secondary access and success, 德州必须在我们的365betAPP首页和劳动力体系中建立一条更持久的管道,为德州人今天和明天的工作做好准备.

jobs and wages

Jobs & Financial Security

许多德州人经历过贫困,因为他们的工作收入太少,无法让一个家庭摆脱贫困. To ensure economic prosperity, Texas public policy must support workers, make employers pay livable wages, and prioritize health and wellness over profit alone.

budget and taxes

Budget & Taxes

Texas needs a budget and tax system that is equitable, adequate, and responsive to our state’s growing population and needs. 投资于公共服务的能力将为每个德克萨斯人建立一个更加繁荣的未来,依赖于我们的税收系统支持这些服务的能力.

poverty and equity

Equity & Inequality

The wealth gaps in Texas keep poverty rates high, 特别是当州政府没有优先为贫困的德州人提供援助,或者为所有背景的德州人增加公平时. 我们的公共政策必须保证公平获得服务,使我们所有人都能繁荣发展.

Here’s Where You Come In:

In Your

When working with Every Texan, you are empowered to gain the respect of policy changers, strategically influence their decisions, and ultimately strengthen public policy.

At the Texas Legislature

Our bold, 以研究为导向的立法优先级激励德州领导人,使德州成为最适合勤劳的人民和他们的家庭的州.