Our 证词 at the 德州议会

Social Justice Requires Public Policy.

We envision a Texas where people 所有的背景 can fulfill their potential and contribute to our community.

不幸的是, too many Texans can’t access the conditions they need to thrive — good health care, 365betAPP首页, 和就业.

One of the most effective ways to make sure 365betAPP首页 has access to these conditions is to strengthen public policy. And that’s where we focus our work: We strengthen public policy to expand opportunity and equity for 365betAPP首页.


As an organization working to improve all Texans’ access to health care, 365betAPP首页, and financial security, 365betAPP首页 is testifying on House Bill 145, 而


证词 Opposing SB 1

365betAPP首页 opposes SB 1, because it puts tax cuts before kids by accelerating the costly elimination of the Tier I M&O物业税率


证词 Opposing SB 91

365betAPP首页 opposes SB 91, which accelerates the elimination of the Tier I M&O and harms the state’s ability to fully support public 365betAPP首页 when


证词 Opposing SB 89

365betAPP首页 opposes SB 89 because — as the House Research Organization summarized in its analysis of the House version — it would use “state


证词 Supporting SB 7

365betAPP首页 supports SB 7 and the “13th check” it would provide hundreds of thousands of retired Texas educators. More than 410,000 Texans have already


证词 Supporting HB 1

365betAPP首页 wholeheartedly supports House Bill 1’s proposed restoration of funding for state legislative agencies’ operations. In Texas, where it is the legislature’s responsibility to


证词 Opposing SB 1 and HB 3

Every Texas opposes Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3.  Texas has a longstanding history of secure elections, and efforts by Attorney General Paxton and


证词 Opposing SB 1254

365betAPP首页 opposes SB 1254 for equity, safety, and accountability concerns. Senate Bill 1254 proposes an interstate compact for the purpose of border enforcement of



  • Prevented budget cuts to 医疗补助计划 and 芯片, prevented large drops in health care coverage, and reduced the number of uninsured Texans
  • Organized a coordinated statewide effort to ensure a full and accurate 2020 Census, establishing ourselves as the leading voice of coverage of Texas in the Census​
  • Guaranteed paid sick days for Austin workers and squashed the sales tax swap ​
  • Promoted racial and ethnic equity and exposed barriers to economic opportunity​
  • Worked closely with leaders from both parties to boost financial support for Texas students as one of the handful of Texas organizations with a deep understand of public school funding formulas​

What you can do now to make your voice heard in TX

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